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Notable villains and heroes who serve to help round out the theme and canonical history of the world, these characters are Non-Player Characters - that is, they aren't played by a person.

In the case of the villains within this category, NPCs may be emitted on a temporary basis. The brief descriptions of the character concepts and powers are designed to give players an idea of the characters to use them appropriately when emitted in scenes.

In the case of the heroes within this category, concepts and powers are listed for reference only as these characters may neither be applied for nor emitted by players. Still, other heroes and villains within the game world would certainly know about these prominent individuals and, depending on the character background, may also know some about their histories as well.

If you have any questions about these characters or wish for a villain from your own character's history to be stored here, please contact the Theme and Role-Play Wizard in game.

This category uses the form NPC.