Dr. Helix

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Dr. Helix

One of the first and longest-tenured 'super-villains', Dr. Wallace Forsythe was a radical scientist first employed by the Nazi regime in World War II, given license to perform heinous experiments on captured soldiers and other prisoners in order to help further the promotion of the 'perfect' Aryan race. His true passion was the science itself - so when Forsythe saw which way the war was headed, he made an early exit and went underground, escaping capture.
In the decades since, he's used his scientific genius to extend his own life, waging his own personal crusade of warped experimentation and the pursuit of power and forbidden knowledge against the unsuspecting populace of the world.

Dr. Helix possess a variety of medical and chemical weapons that allow him to create genetically modified underlings - force-evolved animals or regressed people - as well as give himself augmented physical abilities. He regularly injects himself with his so-called 'Helixir' which keeps him young and has also been known to experiment with cross-species genetic slicing, creating wolf-hawks, tiger-bears, dog-men and more.

Fun Fact:

While Dr. Helix regularly uses variations of his Helixir on others to give underlings animal characteristics or other radical modifications, his own DNA has been altered and de-aged so many times that he's not able to gain any Helixir benefits himself save for youthfulness and enhanced physical attributes.