The Supplier

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The Supplier

The unspoken underlord of the East Coast, Levar Langston started as lowly gang member while he was still a boy but through a combination of shrewd cunning, ruthless determination and a little bit of fortuitous luck quickly rose through the ranks to begin forming his own faction within the underworld. He established a line of contacts and connections that he leveraged to quietly but quickly undercut or replace the supply lines of first rival gangs, then minor mob families and finally major mafia players. By the age of 30, Langston was the defacto go-to-guy for anything illegal or illicit and earned the nick-name 'The Supplier'. Not long afterwards, he leveraged his status to make the mob bosses pay him protection, placing himself at the top of the criminal food chain.
For the most part, Langston lets the other mob families run their businesses the way that they see fit while he profits from their conflicts. There is no misunderstanding, however, that if he issues an order, it's followed. After all - no one wants to be cut off from The Supplier.

No superhuman powers. Commands a vast empire of guns, drugs, mercenaries and corrupt officials.

Fun Fact:

Though the Supplier has many residences and safehouses across the eastern US, his 'home' is a whole-floor penthouse at the top of the Borgata Casino & Resort in Atlantic City.
The Supplier is also known for his taste in purple suits and matching fedoras.