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The RP Logs for Alternate Identities Mux are listed here. These are the record of our IC continuity, the Role-Play that has taken place between characters and factions. If it's not posted here, it didn't happen. Logs are organized by posting date, or you can always use the 'Search' Button at the left to find a specific Log Title.

Please use the following form to create your logs, entering your title in the format 'YYYY-MM-DD: Log Title'. Please keep in mind that the date entered should be the posting date of the log. You may include the IC Date in the body of the log proper.
This form is used to enter RP Logs into the repository. For Flashback logs, or scenes that have taken place prior to our IC launch date, enter the title in the format 'YYYY-MM-DD: Flashback: Log Title', again using the posting date of the log.

Once you enter the title and click the 'Enter a Log' button, you will then be able to enter information regarding the characters and/or teams involved in the log, as well as the log itself. Please be sure to enter in all character/team names separated by commas.


YYYY-MM-DD: Log Title or YYYY-MM-DD: Flashback: Log Title

For the ten most recent logs, click here.

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