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While all news files are required reading, the administration feel the following policies and rules are of extreme importance for all players to understand and agree to follow.

The administration of Alternate Identities MUX reserve the right to alter, change, or remove any of the newsfiles as situations arise.

The administration of Alternate Identities MUX reserve the right to discontinue service to anyone, at any time, without warning.

All players must be at least eighteen years old in order to play.

All characters must be eighteen or older. We will not allow any character concept to be under the age of eighteen.

#1: Treat fellow players the way you'd want to be treated.

The 'Golden Rule' is our first and most important policy. We expect all players to handle themselves with a sense of professional maturity. Be polite, be courteous and respectful, it is up to you to understand that the person you're talking to is a living, feeling human being on the other end of the line.
Players who cannot understand the simple policy of treating others with respect will be removed from this game.

#2: Our game. Our sandbox.

This is not a democracy. We weren't voted in by our peers. We are the owners, builders and caretakers of this game. What we say, goes. We reserve the right to discontinue service to anyone, for any reason, without warning.
This is our sandbox, and we expect all players to realize this when they log in. Those players who enjoy flicking sand in other player's faces will be removed from our game. If you don't like our theme, policies, or game, there are many others out there, so move along.

#3: Harassment will not be tolerated at any time.

Harassment comes in many forms, from badgering another player to role-play with them, to not stopping when asked to stop, to sexual harassment. We have a zero tolerance policy for anyone who continues to harass another player. Any player who harasses another will have all of their characters removed and they will be site banned from the game.
Harassment is a serious offense, and we have absolutely no patience for any player who ruins the experience for others. As always, no means no!
We do require some measure of proof that the player in question has been harassing you. That proof must come in the form of an unedited log. Just because you dislike someone, doesn't mean you can get them site banned without evidence.

#4: Role-play with whoever you so desire.

This should be common sense, however it does need to be stressed. Players have the right to pick and choose who they wish to role-play with. If a player desires to just role-play with one person, that is their right to do so. Any player who continuously harasses another for role-play after being told no, may find their own role-play privileges revoked.
Players have the right to say no thank you to anyone asking for role-play. They do not need to have an excuse. If a player wishes to simply hang out in the lounge and socialize and not role-play, again, that is their right.
Harassing, badgering, complaining or other forms of hounding for role-play will not be allowed on our game.

#5: Denial Of Service: Or can I really be rejected because of my RP sample?

Applications these days are short and sweet but do not address a player's ability to role-play. While all opinions are subjective, the role-play sample that you provide to us is a test of your abilities to write.
So, yes, players can and will be rejected before they even get the opportunity to set a character up. At times, the administration may ask for another role-play sample, or links to other examples of your writing skill.

#6: Once is enough policy.

We do not give out warnings. We don't talk to players about their actions. If you break any of our rules, especially those listed under 'news notice', you are gone from the game.

#7: Who are the administration?

We are gamers. We are storytellers. We are a group of players that enjoy telling a story through a text driven environment. We've run several games before and we've been just players on many more. We have been role-playing on MU*s since 1995, and have been gaming since way before then.
We are not young children seeking a temporary thrill. We are jaded adults that have little patience for nonsense. If you come looking for trouble the only response you will get is a site ban.
We've done this before, and we'll do it again. If you've played with us at another incarnation, welcome back! For those that have not, our policies are pretty simple to understand, we follow the aged old 'do onto others' style of gaming, followed closely by, give us trouble and you're gone.
In closing, if you're here, please enjoy yourself while remembering that everyone else is here to have fun as well.