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Not a patriot, nor someone who had much ambition, Jose was given an ultimatum by his family, hit the streets, or join the army. Feeling as though he had no choice, at the age of eighteen, Jose enlisted in the army just before 9-11. With the onset of the Iraq War, Jose was sent oversees to help with the battle there. A coward at heart, when a chance erupted, Jose deserted his position and found shelter in what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse. Instead of abandoned, the building held old biological chemicals of warfare. In the ensuing dogfight outside, the building Jose was hiding in was bombarded by his own company. Jose was doused with a number of chemicals, yet instead of killing him, Jose found himself imbued with incredible powers. The cost was high, however, as Jose's entire body was burned almost beyond recognition. Resentful of the world, Jose started using his powers for his own evil purposes. He hired brilliant, evil minds that shared his desire to see the world burn and created a powerful doomsday device that would spill forth radiation upon the entire world. Defeated by Sentry, Jose was placed in the Hole, where he resides to this day.

Construct creation - Midas has the ability to create gold in color energy constructs. These constructs can originate from any point on, or around Jose. The constructs are limited only by his imagination, and strength of will to keep them going.

Fun Fact:

Sentry's Fusion gained her powers from an encounter with Midas. Jose has since declared Fusion his arch-nemesis.