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Long has the Wolfshead lineage been associated with dark arts and sorcery. Since medieval times, when Johann Wolfe was reputed to have murdered his brother in service of the Devil, the pledge for power has been passed from parent to child. The latest in this line of sinister sorcerers has emerged from the shadows as Cauldron - an amoral, mystical powerhouse who some believe seeks power just for its own sake.

Master sorcerer and warlock, Cauldron is able to draw upon the dark arts for a variety of effects, limited only by preparation time and spell components. Smaller spells, or 'cantrips', need very little time and only a gesture or utterance and include most basic offensive and defensive effects (eldritch blasts and shields). Larger spells require much more preparation, though with the heirloom that is his namesake and enough time, there is little that Cauldron cannot attempt.

Fun Fact:

Though his lair has yet to be found, Cauldron's base of operations has been rumored to be located in places such as upstate New York, in caverns beneath Stonehenge, or even another dimension!