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There are many rumors as to Stalwart's origins. Some say that he is the Wandering Jew, others claim he is Beowulf or Hercules, while still others believe him to be an incarnation of the Archangel Gabriel. In truth, he is a little of all these and yet none of them. One of the inspirations for the Arthurian legend and the Quest for the Holy Grail, Stalwart began life more than 17 centuries ago as young and pious boy whose virtue and purity aided him in the quest of a powerful artifact - one that when found gave him the power of immortality.
Though at the time he believed the artifact to be the Holy Grail, in the decades and centuries since, Stalwart has been given cause to doubt its origins. Regardless of those doubts, however he has remained steadfast in his pledge to protect others and has never wavered in that mission across the centuries. Until recently, he has kept to the shadows while aiding others, even as his powers have grown. With the advent of meta-humans within the general populace, however, Galahad emerged shortly after the Protectors with his own heroic identity, one that he has maintained in the decades since - Stalwart.

Stalwart is an immortal and with that immortality has, over the centuries, expanded the capabilities of the human form. All of his physical traits are enhanced - from strength, endurance, speed and reflexes to super-enhanced senses, and he also possesses the ability to fly. He also has an indomitable will, rendering him immune to mind control and most forms of mental illusions.

Fun Fact:

Though he has adopted many aliases over the centuries, in current day Stalwart is known simply as 'Stalwart'. He has no other identity that he goes by and even the closest of friends and allies do not know his true origin.