Black Plague

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Black Plague

From birth, Camilla Soldier was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition that rendered her immune system all but useless. She was forced to live her life in sterilized environments and protective suits, for danger that the merest touch of the outside world would infect her with a germ or bacteria that she wouldn't be able to fight off. As she grew older, her parents attempted one radical treatment after the next to no avail.
It wasn't until shortly before Camilla's eighteenth birthday that one such experimental radiation and chemical therapy would yield results - though they were far from predicted. Camilla didn't just gain an enhanced immune system - her body turned into an incubator and storehouse for all varieties of diseases and viruses, both innocuous and deadly. She soon threw caution to the wind, longing to explore the outside world and unafraid to take anything she wanted or infect anyone who got in her way.

Able to infect people with various diseases and physical afflictions (boils, sores, etc) which last as long as she in proximity with them.

Fun Fact:

Though she first appeared in London, England, Black Plague was most recently seen in New York City when she narrowly escaped capture while robbing a jewelry store.