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A former military special forces commando who was dishonorably discharged due to conduct unbecoming, Frank Rybarczyk returned home stateside to Chicago and promptly used his military skills to turn to a life of crime. While he was starting to make a name for himself in Chicago's underworld, a mugging went terribly wrong when the supposed victim was killed - and then came back to life as a cat-man who would become Punch Lion. Frank narrowly escaped capture and vowed vengeance against the new hero, promptly turning to the mystical and magical to learn of Punch Lions origins and how to defeat him. His research afforded him the opportunity to perform a ritual to transform him into an avatar of Punch Lion's natural enemy - and while he was initially surprised by the change, he's since adopted his new identity with zeal.

Zebra has massively enhanced strength and durability. He also possesses unguligrade legs - that is, he has hooves instead of feet and is jointed appropriately. His skin is naturally black-and-white striped, which would offer him some camouflage though his large and muscular form typically negates any such advantage.

Fun Fact:

Wounded in battle on more than one occasion, Frank's mangled visage accompanied with his fanatical patriotism earned him the nickname 'Scars and Stripes'.