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The original Maelstrom first appeared back in the 1960's, a former fighter pilot for the US AIR Force named Jimmy Trujillo who, along with the original Airman, was given super-human powers when their F101B fighter jet passed through a strange, irradiated cloud. In the days to follow, both soon discovered that they could control wind and air. While his crewmate would start to use his abilities for good, however, Jimmy found that the power fueled a darker side to him - one of greed and selfishness. That corruption led to multiple conflicts over the next few years, until Jimmy was accidentally killed in a fight against the original Airman.
Trujillo's legacy would not end there, however. Before his death, he had sired a son, who learned from his mother about Airman's supposed betrayal of his father. Thus the stories were further handed down to Jimmy's grandson, Jordan Trujillo, who like his grandfather also had metahuman powers - though he was not limited to the wind alone, and found he was able to control the entirety of the weather. Initially content to use these abilities in a more clandestine manner, when the new Airman appeared, Jordan knew that he needed to take up his grandfather's mantle as the Maelstrom and avenge his family's legacy.

Weather Control, both localized and across large areas.

Fun Fact:

Maelstrom claims to be responsible for Hurricane Sandy, though separate reports indicate he was actually in upstate New York at the time.