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Ecology student Kat Donaldson was a student at Stanford, growing increasingly frustrated and concerned with the state of the environment and the lack of protection for the Earth's natural resources. As 'big oil' and 'big coal' seemed to earn victory after victory over preservation and conservation, Kat decided to take matters into her own hands. Initially starting out only a costume and no abilities, her intent was to stop the logging of some old-growth forest in Northern California by chaining herself to the equipment there. Unfortunately, the confrontation between herself and the loggers didn't go as planned - and she was grievously wounded when the the foreman attempted to remove her. She stumbled and fell down a steep hill into a strange hollow under the ground, where glowing roots wrapped around her and closed her wounds. In healing her, however, the mystical plants not only infused her with their essence, they also inadvertently skewed her mind. Now, she fights in their name full time and the life of Kat Donaldson is but a distant memory.

Plant control / empathy. Able to also augment and accelerate plant growth for a limited time.

Fun Fact:

Despite her radical stance, her opposition to most technological advancements or the encroachment of civilization, and being wanted for several crimes including murder, there are many who view Kudzu as a type of folk hero.