Brass Ring

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Brass Ring

Multiple Gold-Winning medalist (both Summer and Winter events), acclaimed inventor, inspirational speaker and life coach... Wilton 'Will' Tyler was America's sweetheart, the big brother or favorite son who always inspired others to 'do their best'. It was at a speaking engagement at New York State University when the crazed robot Killswitch attacked the campus. Tyler leapt into action to delay the robot while the call was made for Beacon to arrive - and found that he'd defeated the murderous machine himself before they got there. Since then, he's added 'superhero' to his impressive resume, still encouraging others to do their best - to reach for the Brass Ring.

No super-human powers. Brass Ring is an Olympic-level athlete with near peak-human physical abilities. He is trained in multiple combat styles and is a prolific inventor, with multiple patents to his name. Along with his physical abilities, he uses various gadgets to fight crime, including his multi-spectrum visor, grappling wrist-cables, friction-compensating boots and the lightweight but highly damage resistant fabric of his costume, 'ring-weave'.

Fun Fact:

Brass Ring has three New York Times best-sellers - two from before he became Brass Ring and one after. He still makes speaking engagements at schools across the country, always focused on inspiring the next generation to do their best.
Brass Ring has been missing in action for two months. Officially, he is on sabbatical.