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A mob enforcer who made the mistake of trying to place one family against the other, Sal Martelli was caught in his duplicitous ways and sent to 'sleep with the fishes'. What the thugs who chained him up and threw him into the harbor didn't know, though, was that nuclear waste had been illegally dumped earlier that day - radiation from which had bombarded a rogue shark which had been patrolling the dark waters. When that shark attempted to make a snack out of Martelli, the former enforcer mutated instead - turning into the horrific but powerful Man-Shark!

Half-man, Half-shark hybrid, with the head, skin and dorsal fin of a shark but the general body of a human. Razor-sharp jaws, powerful bite, enhanced senses and super-tough skin.

Fun Fact:

Though he has gills as well as regular lungs, Man-Shark doesn't know how to swim and actually does not like to go into the water.