The Murder Club

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The Murder Club

The Murder Club began in the late 1950's as the 'brainchild' of billionaire Timothy Hayward, who wanted to provide a more exciting avenue of competition and adventure for himself and other high-profile magnates that were frequenting country clubs and dabbling in secret societies at the time. The initial membership roster of six were responsible for a run of grisly murders across the Eastern Seaboard through the next decade and a half, though even after the Protectors apprehended Hayward the organization thrived without him.
Now, generations later, the Murder Club has spread to become an international secret society and is known as both the playground of immoral elite as well as a clearing house for assassins and hitmen.

The Murder Club does not typically recruit super-powered individuals, instead priding themselves on membership that is limited to those with extraordinary talents and skill-sets - accompanied with a singular streak of brutality and a lack of morals.

Fun Fact:

Urban legends tell of the organizations annual Body Count contests, or of the requirement that one must kill an existing member to join, though these are unsubstantiated.