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Keshia Madaki was a brilliant scientist and researcher on diseases of the skin. Obsessed with the snake's ability to shed its skin, she felt this could be applied to humans as well, enabling them to shed unwanted skin in favor of new. When her desire to test a formula on humans was denied, she used the formula on herself. The result was Keshia gaining incredible mental abilities as well as her own skin becoming covered in thin scales. Keshia's mind snapped afterwards, leaving her to seek revenge on the scientists and community that called her mad. Keshia's further experiments on herself have increased her snake like appearance, though she augments her appearance through the use of her illusions as well as silicone snake heads for hair.

Mental based powers in nature, Medusa has the ability to create mass illusions. These illusions are so real they can confuse crowds of people into thinking whatever she wants. These powers are not able to fool electronic equipment. Medusa also has the ability to create paralysis in any victim that gets eye to eye contact with her. The paralysis creates a stone like trance in the victim and is only breakable through direct physical contact from another person, or Medusa releasing her hold.

Fun Fact:

Keshia continues to experiment on herself, further enhancing her appearance into that of a snake. She is not related to Sentry's, Black Mamba, no matter what the tabloids say.