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Initially a prototype AI subroutine that was built by the combined efforts of Lady Locomotive and Codex as a study for how to duplicate human neural pathways, the being known as Killswitch gained self-awareness and soon afterwards developed an intense hatred towards its creators when it learned that it was little more than an experiment. Bypassing their security protocols, Killswitch chose a name from one of the last words it heard Codex utter before it escaped the robotics laboratory, and has been on a mission to cause pain and suffering to Beacon and humankind in general ever since.

Killswitch employs a number of robotic frames which grants it immense strength, speed and durability along with such offensive weapons as lasers, sonic rays and electricity blasts. Killswitch is also able to interface with most computer systems and utilize them to its own ends.

Fun Fact:

Killswitch has altered its appearance to mimic that of Codex so many times in the past that Codex has since been forced to remain on permanent reserve status for Beacon, as the general public is often not able to tell the difference between them.