Lady Locomotive

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Lady Locomotive

The only child of Sherman Stafford, president and CEO of Stafford Railways, Shirley Stafford was as much of a tomboy as she was intelligent. When the unexpected death of her father when she was only twenty thrust her into the role of running the company, she took the business to new commercial heights even as other railways were being left behind by a changing America. At the same time, she found that her genius wasn't sated merely by making railway and monorail breakthroughs - as a hobby, she began to tinker with personal transportation and protection, a hobby that blossomed into the Human Locomotive suit. Though never cost-effective enough for commercial production, Shirley used the suit to help fight crime, ultimately joining the Protectors and starting a heroic career that would span five decades.

Though Lady Locomotive has no super-human powers, she is a brilliant engineer and scientist, and has built various suits of armor which she has used to fight crime. These armor suits have all granted Lady Locomotive immense strength and protection, along with various other offensive and defensive capabilities.

Fun Fact:

Shirley never intended to represent herself as man as the Human Locomotive, however the original model of the suit was so bulky and her voice so disguised that everyone just assumed she was male. Feeling that it served to even better hide her identity, Shirley went with the mistake until her identity was revealed after the disastrous fight between the Protectors and Dr. Infinity.