The Ankh

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The Ankh

Archaeologist and historian Dr. Russell Overton was an authority on Egypt and Egyptology - though it always seemed that he was passed over for the best research opportunities in favor of other, lesser scholars. He toiled away in obscurity as a professor at New York University steadily growing more resentful at the rest of the academic community and even the students whom he was teaching - knowing that they had much brighter futures ahead of them than he did.
His fortunes changed when a travelling exhibit of Egyptian artifacts came to the University - and Overton was able to assist in the setup. He noticed a set of strange hieroglyphics around one coffer and surmising that a secret compartment was held within, he snuck in later that night to open the compartment and find an obsidian Ankh which radiated with dark power. Overton snatched up the relic and soon started to use the abilities it gave him for his own selfish and evil purposes.

The Ankh possesses mystical powers over life itself, able to recover from wounds and physical damage that would otherwise be fatal. He is also able to use this ability on the dead bodies of others - infusing these corpses with the 'breath of life' to turn them in to his own personal zombie-slaves. The Ankh also has above average strength, agility and endurance.

Fun Fact:

Before either of them had powers, The Ankh taught Fusion when she attended NYU. Since becoming the Ankh, he's not only fought Fusion on multiple occasions, he's also kidnapped her mother.