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In order for your scenes to count, post them on the wiki. All players on Alternate Identities MUX are strongly encouraged to log and post their scenes at our log repository.

AIM has an easy-to-use logs repository that we have established in order to preserve the continuity of our MUX, provide an easily referenced history and to allow for all players and prospective applicants to not only enjoy all facets of our game, but also to keep abreast of the events of the rest of the MUX. As such, any logs which are not located on the AIM Wiki will not be included in the overall canon of the MUX.

This means that any included events or character development not recorded in the logs repository will not be considered to contribute to the ongoing history or theme of the MUX, and for the purposes of our established continuity will not have happened.

Simply put, as we are in a medium of telling stories through text, we believe that those stories should be accessible in order to contribute to the overall universe that we are sharing.

As there is a rich in-game continuity that has taken place prior to the IC launch date of the MUX, we also encourage players to role-play and log scenes between characters that take place at some point in those character's histories - detailing such things as first meetings, team formations and important confrontations with enemies.

It is important to underscore that these should not include NPC staff-run characters which are otherwise unavailable for application or emits.

Instructions for posting logs are available here. Please note, all flashback logs should include the word 'Flashback' after the log date, but before the title. Rules News Files