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It started almost twenty-five years ago...

One of the many curators to one of the most well known institutes in the world had eyes for a man that stood out among the vast sea of faces. He was tall, broad shouldered, and just happened to be taking pictures of a family of camels like his life depended upon it. Alieya Connell, her long streaks of light, pale sun streaked hair tied tightly back into a bun, felt her cheeks turn a bright crimson shade as the man lifted his gaze upwards, and caught her staring at him.

Erin Neal, zoologist and document writer for the National Geographic stared across the hot, desert sands of Egypt, and met his soul-mate.

At that moment, the world simply ceased to exist, as the mousy curator, and sexy photographer gazed into each others eyes. For two years they lived in Egypt, both of their jobs keeping them busy, but able to stay connected. At almost the end of that two year time, they were married and moved to the states while Alieya was pregnant, to avoid any legal issues. Erana was born nine months later.

Her mother adored the name Erana, while her father felt it more inclined to Rosalind. In the end, she was given both, and the couple headed back out to the field, bringing along a wide eyed, laughing daughter.

For nearly three years after Era's birth, the couple lived in bliss, their jobs placed them together, working nearly hand in hand, as their careers rose to a peak, and though the area was not always pleasant to outsiders, especially Americans, the couple knew the cultures and languages, offering them a bit more of an 'in' to the world so different than the sprawling metropolis found in the states.

Erana was taught from nearly birth several languages. Era had a knack for languages, and learned them very quickly. By the time she had turned a teenager, she was already fluent in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, and even a few dead languages, such as Latin and Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

They lived in a small home provided by the museum, they had a nice neighborhood, and a close proximity to their respected places of employment. Her father was doing a documentation upon animals used for travel in the desert, while her mother rose in the ranks of one of the leading museums within Cairo.

Things started going downhill when their jobs took them in completely oppsite corners of the Earth. Neither wished to give up their career for the other, stubborn to the last, they agreed upon a divorce, rather than attempt to continue their marriage with one or the other constantly on the road. Erana would live half of the year with her mother, and half with her father, so each could see the child equal amounts.

For twelve years, Erana would switch between her mother and her father, living half a year with each. It was like two worlds for her to live in, one was the stuffy world of a museum, the other was the adventurous outdoors and traveling expeditions her father went on. At times, each was boring, as her father commanded her to stay put at camp, while he and his team went out to film a particular animal, or herd. While other times it was thrilling to travel through the underbrush, hearing the sounds of nature all around her.

Then there was the stuffiness of the museum, the ancient scrolls, artifacts, and history her mother poured into her. Trips to the pyramids, trips to different countries, different museums and places when her mother was forced to travel to find just that thing that will set off an exhibit.

At first, her mother would instruct Erana, herself, then when it came time for Erana to enter what most children her age would consider grade school, she was taught by a hired tutor, an individual that was educated enough to teach her the languages she'd need, the history, and important subjects that would help her later on in life.

While she was with her father, he alone instructed in her schooling. Her father taught her many things, though the most important was the art of fencing and swordplay.

Her father was a romantic at best, always telling Erana that her mother was his one and only true love, never would he love another. Indeed, in the years that Erana was raised with him, he never once gazed at another woman, never once showed up with a date. His daughter was his pride and joy, and to her, he taught everything he possibly could. Though Erana often took whatever her father said with a grain of salt, after all, he couldn't give up his job for his 'match', how could love be so all consuming?

Fencing and swordplay was taught at the tender age of four, as she waved a stick at her father, and danced alongside him as he taught her how to hold, move, and swing her 'weapon'. As time progressed, Erana grew from a stick to a rapier, to finally a larger sword, though the quicker, lighter rapier would be the one she'd adapt to, and learn the quickest upon. When time allowed it, or her father wasn't buried in his work, the two would spend hours a day practicing, and even learning what they could from fencing and swordsmen throughout the world, moving beyond just amateur standing, to past most professional knowledge.

They traveled across the world, one year he'd be filming the migrating herds upon the plains of Africa, the next he'd be sent off to the jungles of South America, there to document the effects of the rain forests being destroyed. Tagging along always, watching the world with bright, gray-violet eyes, his young daughter would enjoy the time with her father with eager anticipation of where they would go to next.

As she grew, so did her adventurous spirit, always wanting to know a little more, to leave the safety of the camp, and explore the area alone. Sometimes with other children or a gullible guide tricked into taking her out. While other times it would be on her own, enjoying the pure freedom of life that was offered. She never thought about the danger it might put her in; more brash and unthinking than logical. She was confident enough in herself and her abilities, she fully believed she could do almost anything her father could.

When she'd return, always she'd be scolded, grounded or made to do tedious chores in the hopes that it would instill some sense of safety in her. However, her adventurous and impulsive nature simply couldn't be stifled, as time and again, she'd get a bug in her, much like her father, and sneak out when she was bored, to explore the world around her.

It was her mother that helped reign in her adventurous spirit some, keeping her too busy doing other things, than allowing her the chance to sneak out into the city. She'd set goals and rewards for achieving it, like learning more upon one of her languages, or gaining more of an education in the ancient world her mother lived in.

She helped with her mother's exhibits, though what truly sparked her interest was when her mother was forced to head out on expeditions to gain an important artifact for one showing or another. It was then that Erana's tomboyish nature would excel in helping her mother through the journey.

From the great Pyramids, to other museums throughout the world, Erana and her mother would occassionally find themselves traveling, though most of their time would be spent in the quiet, artifact filled hallways of the museum.

Through her mother, Erana gained a good background in self defense. Two ladies alone in a harsh world, it only stands to reason they would need training to defend themselves. Nothing fancy, nothing that would be good on the offense, but enough to defend herself, and keep on defending herself, should the situation ever arise. Basic Judo techniques, though no where near even a white belt's worth of complete knowledge, Era was taught enough to allow herself a choice, rather than being nothing more than a victim.

Erana enjoyed her life, though it became more and more difficult to adjust to the constant six months of the year being in one environment, and another six in a completely new one. Nothing was ever a constant, she got use to the continuous change the situation would place her in, and yet, in that change, she grew impatient, never enjoying to stay too long in any one thing, always wanting something else to stimulate her sights and senses. Her impatience grew and at times, she was unable to stand still for even an hour before she'd have to be doing something.

As she got older, the hyper active child grew a bit more stable, though non the less impulsive and impatient. While she was more adapt to change, she was more of a hellion, ever needing something to do to keep her active, and out of trouble.

It wasn't until her fifteenth year that she started showing signs of going through what most teens call 'puberty'. She was with her mom at the time, already planning on having a boring few months ahead of her. No travels were planned, no trips were scheduled, everything was going to just be centered around Cairo. Erana started growing up then, moving away from the childish figure, and gaining the slight curves that youth offers a young lady. Her mother watched with worry as Erana turned more than a few heads with her exotic looks, and feminine figure.

She'd had several adventures already, her life constantly on the go, ever active, and ever changing. It was her mother that first decided Erana might need the more mundane experience of peers to keep her grounded. It was her father, however, that finally convinced Erana that she needed a better education behind her, before she could continue adventuring with her parents. He managed to talk the head strong youth into accepting a chance to go to school in the states. Her knowledge in several areas placed her into a unique situation, while only sixteen at time, she successfully gained entrance into New York University.

In the U.S., Erana majored in the area she loved the most; archeology. She excelled in her classes, learning even more than her mother could teach her in ancient history, languages, and lifestyles, by the time she turned eighteen she was well on her way to her bachelors when a strange thing happened that would alter her life entirely.

Seven years ago, Erana was witness to a great battle that raged in Manhattan between super powered individuals - both good guys and bad guys. It was an epic struggle of good over evil, and Erana was mostly trying to get out of the way. Running away seemed like a really good idea to Erana, hiding behind a large semi-truck was even better, even if the truck was coated in ice. She'd hoped they'd forgotten all about this side of the road, and would continue to battle along the other.

Cowering down with a few others unfortunate enough to be in the middle, Erana's fingers brushed against the bits of ice. In that instant, the cold ceased to bother her, while her hands became crusted over with ice.

To say she was petrified was an understatement, fearful that she'd been exposed to some kind of horrific contageon, things got worse when a group of thugs caught sight of the cowering civilians and moved to attack. In both desperation and fear, Erana's hands came up and the thugs were coated in a thin layering of ice. It wouldn't be until some time later that Erana would fully understand what transpired. Through a quirk of fate, genetics, or otherwise, Erana had the ability to absorb the residual powers of meta-humans. It was Sentry that took Era in, helping her to train, learn, and understand the powers she had.

For Erana, it was an incredible feeling to go from a normal student, to something powerful, yet frightening all at once. It succeeded in once again igniting her adventurous spirit. She wanted to use her new found abilities, but to use them, she had to be around those that had them in the first place. Unfortunately, Erana's impulsiveness would soon place her into a situation that she was not prepared for.

Sentry soon learned that a dangerous and powerful villain known as Midas had created a doomsday device, which he threatened the world with. The heroes went off to meet him, and Erana snuck along - even though she had barely any knowledge of her powers, and was going in as an unskilled neophyte.

The battle between Midas, his minions, and the heroes of Sentry was long and weary. It seemed like neither group could gain ground upon the other. Even though Erana tried her best, her inexperience and impulsive nature placed herself, and others in even more danger.

When Sentry finally breached the entrance to the room Midas kept his doomsday device within, it was Erana that tried to use Midas' own powers against him, the ability to create objects out of solid, gold light. She foolishly charged, when she should have listened to the others. She was so eager to be the hero, when she should have learned to work as a team. The result was catastrophic for Erana, as Midas drove her into the heart of his weapon.

It was only through the use of Midas' own powers that Erana was not instantly killed.

Within the heart of the doomsday device, its strange, radiation based powers broke through the powers Erana tried to hold it back with, time and again she was exposed to the horrific force of the weapon. Yet, through a will that would not die, she managed to destroy the device, containing the explosion with the powers she absorbed from Midas, but at nearly the cost of her own life.

It took a great deal of time for Erana to fully recover, at least in body. Her ability to absorb powers would be diminished greatly, and she would gain Midas power permanently. It taught her a great lesson in life, and as a result, though her adventurous spirit remains - it is not nearly as foolish.

Now at the age of twenty five, Erana is the co-leader of Sentry. She has just graduated with a doctorate degree in Archeology, and has taken a job as an archeologist for a small museum in Manhattan, hoping to one day move into a position as director or even curator.

As leader of Sentry, she and her team stand ready to help those that find themselves in this world, as well as perhaps recruit those that call themselves - heroes.

For the general public, Fusion's outward personality delves a lot around her being the co-leader of Sentry. She is strict. Unyielding. Professional. She is not there to be the friend of the people, she's there to make certain they stay alive. She takes this belief to the extreme, and can come across as cold, harsh, and hard-nosed. She doesn't need to be the friend of the people, she needs them to listen when she speaks, and do as instructed. This highly firm belief has made her few friends in the news industry, who much prefer talking to Black Mamba or Airman. Erana's secret identity has also been a harsh topic that she refuses to budge an inch on, leaving much speculation as to who she really is.

When Erana is able to actually be herself, she has a dry sense of humor, a quick wit, and a sense of loyalty to those that can actually see past her public persona. She is not perfect by any means, she can be jealous and bitter, as well as a bit petty. She loves adventure, but has toned her devil-may-care attitude down since the incident with Midas. She's a bit more careful when she does things, instead of rushing ahead without thought to anything else.

For Erana, there is a great difference between being Fusion and being Erana. As Fusion, she must be strong, dependable, and professional. Only as Erana is she able to kick back and be 'herself'.

After absorbing the powers of the villain Midas, accidently mind you, Erana has learned that if she concentrates enough, she is able to create gold, energy constructs. These constructs can originate from any point on, or around her. The constructs are limited only by her imagination, and strength of will to keep them going. If she spreads her constructs out too much, the more concentration is required to keep them going and active. Usually, she prefers to keep the constructs simple, a large fist, a huge hammer, but it does not mean that she is limited by just base constructs. She can create anything that stirs within her imagination.

These constructs act according to what Erana instructs them to do, they do not have a mind of their own, they are completely reliant upon Erana's strength of will and control to exist. Should her concentration be broken, the constructs will disappear as easily as they appeared.

The energy constructs can have the strength of a ten ton truck behind them, able to strike holes through buildings, pull up light poles, to even keep a jumbo jet in the air. They can block incoming attacks, projectiles, even mystical attacks or energy beams, though if too many attacks, or the force knocked Erana back, her concentration could and surely would break.

The constructs are not limited to offensive or defensive capabilities, she's been able to create a gas mask for herself to wear, holding a limited amount of oxygen. Erana has an almost near limitless amount of energy that is stored within her. She does not need to 'recharge', and the only thing that would force her to stop would be her own body's physical or mental exhaustion.

With the use of her construct generation, Erana also has the ability to fly. She is able to go at speeds fast enough to break into orbit, and fly without hindrance or trouble even in the coldness of space. Reaching flight speeds well past the sonic barrier are well within her capabilities.

Erana's first power was the ability to absorb and then use the powers of others. (Done either through touch of the individual, or by absorbing the residue left behind from their use.) Initially, it would appear she had little limits in how many or how often, the only limit was time - for she could not keep a power after initial absorbing for more than an hour at most. After permanently absorbing Midas' powers, however, Erana's ability has been diminished greatly. Her limits include, the ability to absorb and utilize one power at a time, even if the individual has multiple powers (such as super strength, agility, healing - she'd only gain one of those powers), her time limit for this power is only fifteen minutes tops, unless further absorption of the power is regained. She is not able to use the power to its full might or strength, only able to gain about half of the original individual's power level.

Duplication Specifics: When absorbing the power of another individual, Erana's abilities allow her to know exactly what powers they have. Either through direct touch of the individual, absorbing the power residue left behind (for example if someone teleported from one place to another, their initial spot of teleportation would still have some measure of residue left behind that Erana could then touch and absorb the teleporter's abilities), or by the use of her Midas powers to touch, grab, hold, and/or 'capture' the individual.

With this knowledge, Erana is able to access and duplicate what ever power she wishes. For Example; should the individual have heightened agility combined with a danger sense and quick healing, Erana could pick and choose which one she wanted through her immediate knowledge of that individual's super powers. This power enables her to not only pick and choose which she wants, but if she's able to regain a touch (with Midas powers or her own fingers), she can switch swiftly between them. (Again though if the person leaves, Erana only retains the one power she duplicated for a limit of fifteen minutes before it fades away permanently.)

It is important to note, the individual that Erana duplicates has no effects applied to them at all. None. They are not drained of their powers, they are not hurt, harmed, or in most cases (unless Erana immediately shows that power) they wouldn't even know she's doing it. There are no ill effects applied to those she duplicates powers from, at all.

Duplication Knowledge: Even though Erana has a base knowledge of the individual's powers, such as knowing they have an ability that alters luck, or the ability to blast energy from their eyes, it does not mean she has the years of experience behind her that they might have. She only knows the basics of the power. She does not gain any skills they might have (learned or innate), power stunts they've developed, or so on.

Physical Alterations: Erana is not able to go through extreme physical changes with her powers. She would not be able to shape shift, or alter her physical appearance to gross degrees. She is able to adjust her body to perform minor changes, such as creating poison glands in her mouth to spit poison, or not blowing her eyes out by heat-beams. Her absorption ability also grants any natural immunities that might exist, this includes the ability to alter her physical form to not be harmed by the power she absorbed, if and only if the person that she absorbs the power from are not harmed by their own powers. (Example of this would be a pyro's ability to alter and manipulate fire, if they're immune to fire, than so would Erana).

This can be described as the ability to use both hands accurately; or basically, not relying upon left or right but having the capability to use both unerringly. This is a rare feat for many to have, for even those that swear they are ambidextrous favor one hand over the other. Erana is no exception, she favors her right hand in fencing, writing, and so on, however, she does have the ability to use her left hand as effectively as her right.

In sports, she can fence with her left almost as well as her right, though her techniques favor her right hand more. On the whole, however, her left hand can be used as effectively, accurately, and with the same amount of precision as her right.

Just a side note in Erana's skill set, she knows the very basics of self defense and Judo. She is not a skilled up close and personal combatant. She leaves that distinction for others. She knows enough to keep herself protected should her powers fail her, but only just. She has the ability to learn, but has instead focused her education more on the use of her powers, than the idea that she could ever lose them.

Erana possesses a gifted intellect, she was able to head to a university at the age of sixteen and succeed in her courses. While she isn't a genius, she is quite gifted in the fields that she enjoys the most. Archeology, Languages, Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Languages, Erana is a gifted linguist, and if she didn't love Archeology so much, she could easily gain a job as a linguist.

Her knowledge of the world, of languages, animals, and ancient history rivals many of the experts in her fiend. She has an extensive knowledge of the areas she's been to, including Africa, Egypt, the Amazon forests, even the outback of Australia. She's learned Latin, English, French, Arabic, Spanish, as well as Egyptian and ancient hieroglyphics. She has an extensive, though narrow, knowledge of ancient Egyptian folklore and history, along with an extensive knowledge of tracking, and hunting.

Modern technology is a bit of a weak point for one that tends to spend a lot of time in third world countries. She isn't an electronics genius, and for that matter, really isn't very good at computers, or higher end technology. It isn't to say that she hasn't learned the basics, she simply does not have as large an education in 'high-tech' gadgetry as she does other fields.

Erana /excels/ at fencing. This is her true love, her true calling, her true natural talent. From the time she was first able to wield a small stick even, her father taught her the different techniques, the moves, how to hold your body, how to use a particular muscle to increase the attack, or how to swing with precision, and accuracy.

Erana's skill marks her on par with (and in some cases even above) some of the best Olympic Fencers of the age. She is able to use her right and left hand with equal accuracy, though she favors her right more than her left, and will go into fights with it more than her left.

Erana is trained in the use of first aid, at least enough to know basic techniques (such as mouth to mouth resuscitation and choking), as well as the knowledge to put on a splint, what to do in emergencies, and so on.

Erana Neal is not just Fusion in disguise, she's also an up and coming archeologist that has a job at a small museum of antiquities in Manhattan. Her job takes her away from Manhattan ever so often, though it is something that Erana enjoys greatly. She has a steady income, and access to a wealth of ancient information.

Erana's parents are busy people, they stick to different parts of the world, and she hardly ever gets to see them. Yet, they are always her parents, and will do everything they can for her, including to helping with financial difficulties if they arise, to just being there for her regardless of the situation.

As a member of Sentry, Erana has access to their base, which includes a place to live, a stipend, communicators, advanced weaponry, technology, as well as all the fame that comes with being a member of Sentry.

Due to her father, Erana is able to keep herself alive for a time on her own, in almost any wilderness setting. Like a boy scout learns how to make a fire without the use of matches, Erana knows how to survive without the use of modern conveniences. She knows how to put up a reasonably sturdy shelter, she's knowledgeable in the use of campfires, and where to find and cook your next meal. How to fish, hunt, clean an animal, and other of the more mundane tasks associated with outdoor survival. (Such as following what trail you can find, knowing when it's best to just sit and wait, and how to avoid being some animal's next lunch.)

In traveling with her father, Erana gained a more hands on experience and training. This isn't something that is taught to her by a teacher, or group, but what she's picked up on her own, how she and her father would live for months at a time, as he captured the many diverse wildlife upon camera. On the whole, should she be forced to adapt to an area without modern conveniences, she'd be able to do so, and live quite comfortably for an extended period of time.

It was her father that first got her interested in the art of swordsmanship. He adored the romantic settings and medieval style images that the word 'sword' or 'swordsmanship' tended to bring up. Due to this, he and his daughter studied swordplay and fencing from the moment she was able to wield a small fencing blade. Now, sword work is a lot different than fencing, for it requires the ability to heft not only a large, bulky weapon, but it doesn't have the finesse and precision fencing does.

Erana is not as skilled with a bulkier sword as she is with a smaller bladed weapon such as a rapier. She's been raised from nearly birth on the different techniques, styles, and abilities, marking her a gifted athlete in those regards. She'd be able to go head to head with the best of Olympian Athletes, and in most cases, if not win, at least be a difficult contender.

Erana was not born with the ability to create constructs. This ability came at a great cost to Erana's original powers. Due to the radiation that Erana was exposed to, her original meta human ability was forever changed and altered. After recovering from the exposure, Erana's very genetic make-up was permanently altered. So far, this has been a permanent alteration, however there is always the chance that eventually her body will revert back to its normal state, there is also the chance that exposure to some form of energy or radiation will further alter her. It's simply difficult to say one way or another, regardless, there is always the risk of further harm to herself and her abilities.

Erana has only been co-leader of Sentry for a few months now. When Brass Ring disappeared, leadership fell on Erana and Joey's shoulders. Rebuilding Sentry back up, taking on the responsibilities of these incursions, protecting the United States from its enemies, all of these take a toll on Erana's conscious. In Erana's mind, being leader means making sure that people respect and listen to everything she has to say. She is not their friend, she is the one that is keeping them alive. As a result, in press conferences and in the public as Fusion, Erana tends to act like a very cold, strict, by the books, stick up her butt personality. Cold as ice with no sense of humor, Erana doesn't mind the definitions, as long as people do as she says, and lives are saved that way. She is not one of the favorite team-members of Sentry in the press or public due to this. (The snake tends to get the recognization of being a fan favorite.)

All of Erana's powers require her to have not only a large amount of concentration and strength of will, but a great deal of mental fortitude. She must stay strong not just physically, but mentally in order to use her powers to begin with. Should she falter, or doubt, should her will power diminish, what she is attempting to do will fail as well. The larger and more complex of things require even more concentration and strength of will to accomplish. Should her concentration be broken, should her mind be altered, her powers will fail.

Erana has been Fusion since she was eighteen years old, she's been with Sentry exclusively since the time she first found out about her abilities. Sentry's enemies are Erana's enemies. There are a lot of villains that Erana and Sentry have put behind bars, captured and stopped. As current co-leader of Sentry, the 'X' on her name is even bigger than when she was just a team-member. Still, through all of the enemies that may desire to gain their revenge, none are bigger than Midas. Erana foiled his biggest claim to faim, the doomsday device that altered her physiology and changed her powers. Midas has a personal vendetta against Erana and can truly be considered her arch nemesis.

It is really difficult to maintain a secret life while being a hero in Sentry. The public tends to seek answers to their questions. The spot light is never turned off. For Erana, maintaining her Fusion identity and her Erana identity are important things, they go hand in hand. She still enjoys just being 'Erana Neal, Archaeologist'. She enjoys being able to just go out into the public and not constantly be bombarded with questions, or selfies, or villains. (Of which, Erana has a lot of enemies.) She also has her parents to think of, so keeping that secret identity is of utmost importance.

Fun Fact:

In order to keep her heroic and civilian identity separate, Fusion wears a blonde wig when going out as Erana Neal.