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The theme and details of England and the European Union For the most part content to let America lead the way in regards to determining policy and procedure for the so-called Strays and the Anomaly Incursions in general, parts of Europe look nonetheless to be fast followers to developing comprehensive laws and governance regarding new arrivals. London and Paris specifically are already far along in setting up assistance facilities for Dimensionally Displaced Individuals (DDIs, as they are officially called in Britain, or more colloquially, 'dimdisps') and are on target to be the first such non-American facilities.

Within the remnants of the 'Eastern Bloc', Russia has remained publicly silent regarding any policies or procedures, however has secretly been developing technology which it hopes to use to track both Anomaly Incursions themselves as well as provide ongoing monitoring for those who have arrived by Anomaly Incursion. Those such individuals who the Russian government has been aware of are currently considered property of the state and after a thorough evaluation are assigned jobs or tasks that are befitting of their individual skill-sets.

Existing superheroes within Europe and Eur-Asia have existed for nearly as long as both Sentry and Beacon, though have not been as prominent. Russia has promoted 'The People's Guard', metahumans who have protected Mother Russian soil and all wear a similar uniform that boasts a stylized eagle with two heads, while France and Italy have fielded less government-aligned groups such as la Fraternite' de la Liberte' (the Fraternity of Freedom) and Gli Angeli Custodi (The Guardian Angels). Perhaps unsurprisingly, Great Britain has seen the most solo heroes of Europe over the last decade or so, from the Barbary Lion and the Tudor Rose, to Cricket, the Highlander, John Bull, Sparrowhawk, Druidess and The Brigadier. The Queen's Elite has served as Britain's premier super group, and villains from the Isles have included Ripper Jack, Jack-in-Irons, The Barghest, Black Plague and the Roundheads.

Whether due to a swell of nationalism within England or other undisclosed reasons, England has not yet submitted a hero for membership within Beacon, despite the group's United Nations charter. English heroes have worked well alongside international counterparts, however, maintaining a cordial if somewhat aloof demeanor towards them. World News Files