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The theme and details of California and the West Coast. Even in a progressive and socially liberal United States of America, California and the West Coast remain on the forward edge of the liberal mindset and social activism. California was the first state to elect a gay mayor, the first to elect a trans US representative, and the first to account for non-binary gender status in government documentation and literature, while neighboring state Oregon has elected the first lesbian state governor.

Similarly, California has seen some pioneering superheroes - and villains - as well, with super-powered individuals championing causes beyond that of legal justice, but targeting such things as hate crimes, gender equality and eco-terrorism. It is here that some of the lines have blurred, as was the case of the misguided Kudzu who used plant control powers to wage a one-sided war against power and energy companies, causing blackouts across the West Coast in 2015 before she was apprehended.

The majority of Los Angeles is populated with celebrities from both film and television, with sprawling estates and high fences. Ritzy stores and media conglomerates line the streets downtown, and the infamous Hollywood sign peers out on the hillside to survey the land where dreams of fame and fortune thrive - or come to wither away.

While many solo heroes have called Los Angeles and the surrounding areas home, most attempts to form full heroic groups have been shadowed by the ill-fated New Protectors in the mid 1980's. World News Files