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Log NameFeaturingSynopsisRating
2021-09-22: Lizard Men Of New Jersey - Part OneKarita
Karita and Lana go cryptid hunting in New Jersey!PG
2020-04-24: Kale?Fusion
Erana and Joey enjoy a quiet dinner at the Sentry cafeteria, complete with -- kale.G
2020-04-21: Truth Or DareRiver
Nikita Sokolov
River and Nik continue their investigation into the kidnappings. Please note, extreme gore and a lot of strong language.R
2020-04-08: Evil ManagersBlack Mamba
It's time to hire a new assistant for Fusion and Mamba, Erana is not very nice, and Zara tends to over compensate.PG
2020-04-06: Demons Taste DisgustingBlack Mamba
An anomaly hits lower Manhattan, forcing Sentry to face down horrific demons and a powerful leader. Rated PG-13 for mild cussing and gore.PG-13
2020-04-02: Look But Don't TouchRiver
Nikita Sokolov
On a dark and stormy night, River and Nikita are on the hunt for kidnappers!PG-13
2020-03-20: The Plot ThickensFusion
Black Mamba
Zara is tasked to do an autopsy on the corpse of the gorilla found at the Central Park Zoo incident. She uncovers the truth...!PG-13
2020-03-01: Back Into The FoldAirman
Fusion approaches Airman regarding team membership to Sentry.PG