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Our policies on this highly important topic. Alternate Identities MUX is a consent-based environment. We do not force players to role-play with players that they do not wish to role-play with, nor do we make players participate in scenes or environments that they do not want to role-play in. If a player does not want to role-play with another player, we expect those wishes to be respected and the issue to not be pressed. Likewise, if a player does not want to role-play a particular type of scene (romance, etc), we expect those wishes to be respected as well. As in all things, no means no, and harassment or similar behavior will be dealt with appropriately.

That having been said, however, players do agree to implicit consent for certain scenes and types of role-play or story outcomes through the course of their In-Character actions, and will not be able to prevent their character from unwanted consequences of those actions by claiming 'player consent'. For more information about how In-Character Actions lead to In-Character consequences, please refer to ICC. Rules News Files