In Character Consequences

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In-character consequences of in-character actions. An acronym which stands for 'In-Character Consequences', ICC is the short form of a philosophy that has arisen on MUXs and other online gaming environments to help explain the expectations of character and consent-based role-play. Despite the fact that a lot of the events and scenes that will be run here on Alternate Identities will be consent based - that is, players will by and large govern the types of scenes that their characters participate in and the developments that they undergo - if a character performs an action or series of actions that can be reasonably expected to result in undesirable repercussions, that player cannot hide behind the 'player consent' shield to avoid having to deal with those repercussions. For example, if a villain robs a bank, he or she is, through that action, consenting to be hunted down by the law and put on trial for robbery, possibly being sent to jail for it. While not every consequence needs to be role-played out in excruciating detail, however, there is still the understanding that In-Character consequences can and will come into play for In-Character actions, even if they only take place 'off-panel'. Rules News Files