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Welcome to the Categorical listing of Alternate Identities Mux's Characters! If you've appropriately listed the Category tag of 'Characters' on your character page, you should be listed here!

To create your own character page, use the following form below:


This form will allow you to instantly create a pre-formatted character page, including your characters basic information and statistics. The page will also automatically include RP Logs that your character has participated in as they are posted to our RP Logs page.
If, however, you would like a little more control over the format of your web page, you are certainly free to create your own character page from scratch! You can also find individual templates for a 'Stats' box that you can import into your character page, as well as a template for adding RP Logs automatically, on the Templates page.

A listing of current actors is also available, sortable by character or actor.

This category uses the form Character.
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