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Passed into law in late 2018, the STRAYS Act (Standards for Trans-dimensionally Relocated Adult & Youth Services Act) covers the logistics for identification, social security number, citizenship and other benefits for those who have arrived from an Anomaly Incursion. This also includes provisioning for nursery and day care centers to take care of underaged arrivals and to assist with foster care and adoption services.

At the start of the game, only New York, Los Angeles and Chicago have the infrastructure to support a rapid deployment of offices and processing centers. Accordingly, those cities are considered as hosting fully running facilities, officially named Anomaly Integration Matrices (AIMs), to accept new 'strays'. Other major cities across the US are in the process of establishing such centers, though few are fully operational at this point. Likewise, while other nations are following suit, widespread adoption of similar facilities to the Anomaly Integration Matrix model of the US is not yet complete.

If a player wishes for a relocated Copyright Character to be registered/processed in a city other than New York, Los Angeles or Chicago, please consult with staff during Character Generation.

STRAYS centers are equipped with chrono spatial resonance scanners that are able to identify with one hundred percent accuracy the origins of an individual as having arrived through an Anomaly Incursion. The Anomaly Integration process typically takes anywhere from 1 week to 2 months to complete, though applicants are provided with temporary documents in the interim.

Characters who have completed the STRAYS process are considered legal residents and citizens of the United States, with valid identification, SSN and Driver's License (if applicable). Those who have not went through the STRAYS process do not have any legal standing or identity. While this of course can cause a host of difficulties, it might be desired depending upon the character. Individuals who are arrested and do not have identification are subjected to a CSRS and, if appropriate, are processed as if registering at an Anomaly Integration Matrix. Theme News Files