Liberty's Angel

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Liberty's Angel

The face of an angel, with the soul of a warrior, Shyama was trained from a very early age to take care of herself. She does not know exactly when her powers first emerged, but it had to have been very early on, given her abilities in martial arts surpassed that of her peers. Throughout her years, Shyama has learned as many different forms of martial arts as she can master, and is currently in the process of helping others to master her own form, which is a mixture of defensive and in the extreme, offensive techniques.

Shyama has heightened reflexes enabling her to move and react faster than normal humans, well beyond peak human abilities. She uses this with her skill in many different forms of martial arts to combat evil.

Fun Fact:

Liberty's Angel dyes her hair red, her normal hair color is more brown. Shyama has also been given the 'most beautiful women of the year' award three years in a row by People magazine.