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Fog of War

A student at the University of Chicago, Morrie Tanbaum was neither the most popular nor the smartest, but he was an average student with a decent future ahead of him. That is, until he was caught in the crossfire between the villain Maelstrom and Chicago's premier group of superheroes, Safeguard. At the height of the battle, just before Maelstrom was defeated, the villain bombarded Airman with multiple lightning strikes - the electricity charging through the hero to seeming vaporize him and the bolts of lightning then cascading to Morrie on the ground below. Nearly killed, Morrie recovered with powers of his own - and a hatred towards Airman and Maelstrom both for ruining his life.

Morrie's natural state is a thick, dark cloud that can incite anger and aggression to any within it. With extreme concentration, he can assume human form.

Fun Fact:

Before becoming Fog of War, Morrie was one of Joey Griffin's (Airman) friends and classmates at the University of Chicago.