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A brilliant scientist and mathematician, Collins possesses multiple doctorates in subjects ranging from Applied Robotics to Quantum Physics. He is considered one of the smartest people on the planet, and has used his prodigious intellect to create a plethora of equipment and paraphernalia for Beacon through the years. Shortly before Beacon moved to Antartica, Collins was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Along with Lady Locomotive, he built himself a synthetic body to house his brain and has lived as an android ever since.

Photographic, Eidetic memory. Genius level multi-discipline scientist. Able to directly interface with most digital and computer systems, either via wireless connection or any number of standard physical inputs (serial, USB, etc).

Fun Fact:

One of the first prototype AI routines that Codex and Lady Locomotive experimented with evolved into the robotic villain who would become known as Killswitch.