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The theme and details of Chicago and the midwest. Like the rest of the mid-West, the city of Chicago is identified by its honest and hard-working residents. Despite being the third largest metropolis within the United States, Chicago manages to retain a 'small- town' feeling while keeping all of the big city amenities, for the most part. Situated on the shore of Lake Michigan, the Windy City is a balanced combination of industry, culture and education.

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey calls Chicago home, as does the infamous Second City improv troupe. The Willis (Sears) Tower and John Hancock Center dominate the skyline, and institutions such as the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, the Field Museum of Natural History and the University of Chicago are on the forward edge of academic research.

Over the years, numerous superheroes have protected the streets and neighborhoods of Chicago, from the Loop and the Magnificent Mile to the north to the more crime-ridden communities of Mount Greenwood and Burnside to the South. One of the most prominent heroes of the city, Punch Lion, has also served as a regular member of the area's hero group, Safeguard, which has been active off-and-on since 2013. Other members of that group have included Airman II, Blackout, Gemma Stone, The Foreman and Agent Enigma.

Notable criminals in the area have included Zebra and Fog of War, and it is Chicago which the influential Roth family calls home, as US Senator Paul Roth has been representing Chicago and the surrounding areas for more than thirty years, one of the longest serving senators in the nation. His son, Paul Roth, Jr., is governor of Illinois and a rising political star in his own right. World News Files