Canadian Spirit

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Canadian Spirit

Christina LaCroix was an average teenager in Halifax - playing ice hockey, crushing on Justin Bieber and wishing that she didn't have to go to school. Her normal life turned upside when she was chosen by the mystical 'Spirit of Canada' to become its latest host and avatar - a role which had been passed down to native Canadian for generations. At first a shock, she quickly grew into the role - first becoming a household name in Canada, and then entering the global stage as a member of Beacon.

Cold control / manipulation. Able to create ice slicks, shields and barriers and freeze objects or dramatically lower temperatures. Can fly through the manipulation of thermal drafts. Also has limited ability to heal others, accelerating natural recovery and numbing/soothing pain.

Fun Fact:

Christina was the goalie on her high school hockey team and was at one time in the running for the Canadian Olympic hockey development program.