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Welcome to Alternate Identities MUX!

Alternate Identities is a superhero themed MUX that allows players to inhabit the roles of both 'copyright (comic book) characters' (characters that have been published comic books such as those from DC and Marvel) and 'original characters' (characters that have been created by the player). While most shared-universe worlds employ mechanics that place these characters in the same environment with co-existing histories, however, Alternate Identities MUX takes a different approach.

The base world that exists in AIM is a universe of original creation - until approximately one year prior to IC Launch, the world of AIM developed with its own unique history, superheroes and supervillains. All original characters will have grown up within this base world, and will act as the premier superheroes and supervillains of the land. Accordingly, original characters will enjoy the status and notoriety that comes with having been active adventurers in this world, and will be able to possess varying levels of resources, contacts and technology that is consistent with their character concepts. Players applying for original characters are encouraged to develop those characters as integral components to the game world, fitting in with the timeline and information available within the rest of the 'News Theme' files. No original characters will be allowed that do not have their origins directly within the established game world and history.

Approximately one year prior to IC Launch, the base game world of AI MUX began to experience random phenomena that radically altered the fabric of reality on a very localized scale. These isolated phenomena would, in some cases, superimpose history and geography from parallel worlds, over-writing sections of the known world with fragments of these other realities. These occurrences became known as 'timestorms' or 'anomaly incursions', and gave glimpses into dimensions where history unfolded in alternate paths - sometimes minor, and sometimes drastically different. A world in which JFK had not been assassinated, or a world in which the Americans never won the Revolutionary War. Sometimes the Anomaly Incursions were fleeting, and left no traces of their existence after they had gone. In other cases, physical remnants were left, such as buildings that had been bombed in an ongoing World War III, or strange cars from a dimension in which 'steampunk' mechanics ruled the day. For the most part, however, the anomaly incursions were fleeting, and when a permanent change was made, it only concerned inert matter - never living things.

That all changed about six months prior to IC Launch. That's when people from other dimensions started to arrive. Some were just normal, average people - but others had fantastic powers and abilities, not unlike the heroes and villains of 'home'. This is where copyright (comic book) characters come in - copyright characters will be new arrivals to the world, having been transported through a rift in space and time with no way to return home. Similarly, those characters will have been brought to this world with no resources, no items, and no money, other than what clothes they were wearing or weapons they were holding when they were transported. These characters will be tested as never before as they are forced make their way in a new world, meeting new people and finding that even familiar faces may not the same as they remember.

If this sounds exciting, interesting, and paints the picture of a world that you'd like to tell stories in - please browse our site to learn more about the theme, our game policies, characters that are already cast and logs of our role-play. Then, give us a look at INSERT TELNET ADDRESS HERE.