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Rules on the destruction of characters & rooms. While we understand that the struggle of good versus evil is, by its nature, prone to combat and violent situations, we want Alternate Identities to remain an environment that is suitable for 'family' entertainment and maintain a 'PG-13' style rating. To this end, we will be heavily restricting role-play that is centered around extreme violence, brutality, torture, abuse, or other such situations that can be misused or handled poorly. This is not to state that extreme violence or brutality will not exist in the world of Alternate Identities, just that we will not tolerate role-play that is focused solely upon it.

Be sure to ask those you are role-playing with beforehand if it is okay to use violence of any kind, or gratuitous descriptions of abuse, gore, or brutality. If it is not, do not do it.

If we find that players are using, or attempting to use, extreme violence of any kind against the wishes of other players or are engaging in gratuitous descriptions of abuse, gore, or brutality, the offending player or players will be subject to disciplinary action which could include loss of their character. Roleplay News Files