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Bad Guys - Who's who, and what's allowed As with any rich mythology, AI MUX also has prominent villains of note that have proven to be more than just thorns in the sides of the world's heroes. While players are encouraged to create unique arch-enemies to include in their character's backgrounds, previously existing villains, known as canon villains, may also be used for that purpose.

When using canon villains, players must be consistent to previous uses of the villain in question, and cannot conflict or contradict information provided on the villain either in MUX news files, or already approved characters.

Canon villains should also be used solely as villains, and should not be referenced in a heroic capacity, unless previously approved by the administration.

Canon villains available for general use include, but are not limited to: Black Plague, Blue Flame, Cauldron, Dr. Helix, Fog of War, Killswitch, Kudzu, Maelstrom, Man-Shark, Medusa, Midas, Mr. Meticulous, The Ankh, The Murder Club, The Supplier, Zebra.

To use a villain that is part of an approved character's background but does not appear on this list, please first gain the approval of that player.

At this time the villains on this list are not available for application, however players may apply for unique villains of their own creation, subject to the same rules and policies of other characters. Canon News Files, Roleplay News Files