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Theme and information regarding America as a whole. For whatever reason, the United States of America has seen both more meta-humans as well as more anomaly incidents than any other country in the world. Accordingly, perceptions regarding both span the spectrum from those that feel meta-humans are guardian angels to those that believe they are lawless vigilantes and glory hounds. There are even extremists who claim meta-humans are the next stage of human evolution - either here to save humanity or to doom it.

Likewise, viewpoints on Anomaly incursions run the gamut. Some wonder if they are part of an alien plot while others in more remote or rural areas claim that anomalies don't even exist and are merely fabrications by the media. For those that understand the truth of the anomalies and the repercussions of the Strays, there are still differing opinions. Liberals and social activists understand the need for the STRAYS process and there have been a handful of charities and aid foundations already put in place where Strays can receive help. Social conservatives, however, decry Strays as illegal entrants to the country and offer solutions ranging from making them another country's problem to forced enlistment into the army. The majority of people, however, while confused and perhaps a little scared about the anomalies, have taken cues from President Wellstone and understand that those who have arrived here because of them are lost and alone, did not come here by choice, and ultimately just need help.

Across America, political leanings are standard - both coasts and most urban areas lean liberal while the south and most rural areas hew conservative. The 'breadbasket' of the great plains is dominated by farmlands while the southeast is still populated with mines and remains known as the 'Bible Belt'.

New Orleans has all but fully recovered from Hurricane Katrina and is home to the mystical crusader Voodoo Queen, while Florida continues to be hammered by new tropical storms every year and receives protection from both Dawnlight and Alligator Man.

Further west, Texas is home to reserve Beaconite Marshal Psyche, while Las Vegas has more than its share of crime and criminals who attempt to prey on tourists and locals alike while evading the notice of local vigilante Blackjack.

The western border of Nevada hosts the maximum security prison which holds some of the most dangerous and powerful metahuman villains that have been captured over the past five decades. Buried some five miles beneath the easternmost point of Death Valley, the official name of the facility is the Lewiston-McKenzie Subterranean Detention Facility, though at large the underground prison and complex is known simply as 'The Hole.' Given its location, escape is nigh impossible - though it has been attempted multiple times since the facility was completed in 1978, no inmate incarcerated there has yet managed to break free. World News Files