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Description on what a tiny-plot is. Here at Alternate Identities, tiny-plots are considered pre-plotted role-play that involves three or more people, and/or seriously affects a character or characters' continuity, or the theme of the MUX as a whole.

We are not going to restrict, monitor, or police tiny-plots. We do, however, have a few rules that need to be followed.

1: If the tiny-plot does lasting damage on a wide scale, we ask that you inform the staff beforehand, to make sure that area is okay to demolish, and then log the event.
2: Be sure to get the approval from all players before starting the plot. Let them know what you have planned, what the possible consequences of the plot may lead to, and all important information.
3: Use common sense when making tiny-plots. Altering the MU*s theme, permanently damaging a character's physical or mental being, and other extreme situations are going to be frowned on. When in doubt, feel free to send in a +request with your proposal. You may use Tiny Plot Application for that purpose.

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