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Definitive timeline of events that lead up to the opening. Early 1960's

First reports of costumed heroes / 'mystery men' begin to hit the newsreels. Among these early celebrities are Kid Meteor, who not only lived after being struck by a strange, glowing meteor, but gained powers as a result, and the powerful Human Locomotive, clad in a rail-themed suit of power armor.

June, 1966

A being of immense power, calling itself 'Incarnate' destroys most of Nashville, TN, before being stopped by an unlikely group of heroes. At first dubbed 'The Nashville Six' by the press, the heroes are soon known to the public at large as 'The Protectors'.
The Protectors include: Airman, American Eagle, Burning Man, Dr. Infinity, Human Locomotive and Kid Meteor.

Late 1960's

The Protectors stay together as the world's first super-team, combating such domestic threats as Dr. Helix, Hi-Q and the so-called 'Murder Club'.

August, 1969

After turning 18, Kid Meteor of the Protectors is drafted to fight in the Army during the Vietnam War.

December, 1970

New heroes Sequoia and Gold Rush join the Protectors. Dr. Infinity begins to reduce public appearances and time spent with team.

May, 1972

During his third tour of duty in Vietnam, Kid Meteor (then called Captain Meteor) is presumed killed in action.

July, 1972

For reasons unknown, Dr. Infinity betrays the rest of the Protectors. While Dr. Infinity is ultimately defeated, American Eagle and Gold Rush are killed in the battle and the Burning Man is paralyzed from the waist down. The Human Locomotive's armor is all but destroyed, revealing the pilot to be a woman. Not long after this event, Airman formally retires and Sequoia disappears from public view. The Protectors officially disband, 6 years after forming.

Mid 1970's

Human Locomotive rebuilds her armor and begins adventuring as 'Lady Locomotive'. The Burning Man, Paul Roth, runs for public office and is elected US Senator for the state of Illinois.

October, 1978

Construction is completed on 'The Hole' a maximum security facility located five miles below Death Valley and designed to house supervillains and other dangerous threats.

March, 1984

The National Broadcasting Station (NBS) begins filming a reality show based around superheroes, intending to create the 'New Protectors'. Production ends horribly as one of the cast members loses control of his powers and kills most of the rest of the cast and crew. Publicity from the debacle marks the end of the fledgling television station and casts a shadow over the public perception of superheroes.


Only a few heroes are seen in the public eye, including Lady Locomotive and the military icon 'Red Beret', among others. Most heroes or groups operate secretly, if at all, perhaps fearful of befalling the same fate as the Protectors or the so-called 'New Protectors'.


Terrorists attack the United States, destroying the World Trade Center and damaging the Pentagon. While unable to stop the attacks, heroes both powered and normal come together in rescue and relief efforts. The event sparks a new age of superheroes, with such individuals as Stalwart and Sea Devil making their public debut.

May, 2002

The villain known as Hi-Q is nearly successful in a mad bid to take over the world with an army of robots. He is defeated at his remote island base by the combined efforts of Codex, the Cosmonaut, Red Beret and Sea Devil, though Sea Devil sacrifices himself in the battle.


More metahumans debut across the globe. These include heroes American Eagle II, Punch Lion, Rising Sun and Voodoo Queen, and villains Blood Thief, Cauldron, Midas and Ripper Jack, among others.

April, 2006

Dr. Helix returns to the public eye, waging a genetic war against the populace of the United States. It takes a combined group of heroes to defeat him and his so-call 'DNArmy', and in the aftermath that group decides to form the first super-team since the misfortunes of both the Protectors and New Protectors. They call themselves 'Beacon'.
Beacon includes: American Eagle II, Codex, Ember, Lady Locomotive and Gold Lightning.

March, 2007

American Eagle II becomes Bald Eagle.

September, 2011

Beacon forms official ties with the United Nations and begins construction of a base in Antarctica, dubbed 'The Lighthouse'. Concerned with the move away from American soil, Lady Locomotive leaves the team. Bald Eagle takes a sabbatical from Beacon and Liberty's Angel serves as interim leader.

July, 2012

Lady Locomotive debuts with new team based in New York, dedicated to keeping watch over the homefront. The team is named 'Sentry', and the roster includes Airman II, Brass Ring, Ebb Tide and Lady Locomotive.

August, 2018

Captain Meteor arrives in New York, confused and apparently not having aged a day since 1972. Though he does not remember what happened to him, he quickly acclimates to the new world around him and joins Beacon.

December, 2018

The first officially recognized and documented Anomaly Incursion occurs in London, England. The entirety of Buckingham Palace was replaced by an empty pasture. Everyone inside Buckingham Palace, at the time, found themselves in the grass. After a few hours, the Palace was returned as though nothing had happened.

June, 2019

An Anomaly Incursion transports more than one hundred people into Golden Gate Park, the first such anomaly to include people and still the largest on record. US Senator Paul Roth leads efforts to pass laws governing the assimilation of these new arrivals into society.

October, 2019

The 'Standards for Transdimensionally Relocated Adults and Youth Services Act', AKA the STRAYS Act, is passed with record speed, outlining the path to citizenship for not only the so-called 'San Francisco Strays', but any future new arrivals.

May, 2020

IC Launch. Anomaly Incursions are at an all-time high, however, they are quickly becoming the 'new normal' for people across the globe.

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