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Important rules and guidelines for teams. As Alternate Identities MUX takes place in a completely original world, it would stand to reason that along with original superheroes and villains there would also be original teams, partnerships and organizations that have formed throughout the years. Accordingly, we will allow players to create original teams (those not already established in the game's theme and canon files) which, subject to admin approval, may have also existed for some time prior to the IC launch date.

Players are also encouraged to form teams organically upon going IC, should they choose to, or to join an existing team through role-play and character development.

Any prospective new team (whether intended to have previously existed within the MUX continuity or being formed for the first time on the grid) must have an application submitted by the OOC team lead.

Players may also include original teams in their character backgrounds, however teams that are part of the game's history and news files, notably Beacon and Sentry, are considered 'locked'. Players may not have any pre existing ties to any teams that are located within the newsfiles.

We are hoping that players will assist in rounding out the game world with their own supergroups and team-ups.

Please note, in the game, any player who requests team membership with new teams that have formed, or teams that are part of the game's history, must abide by the decision given by the OOC leader of the team. Any further requests for memberships will be given warnings as appropriate and met with disciplinary action dependent upon the severity of the player's refusal to abide by MUX rules. As a last resort, the administration will be available to mediate player disputes concerning these rules, though we will always side with the current OOC team leader in all matters concerning their team. Teams News Files