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Information on how to create a new team. Benefits of recognized team status include a team BBoard, team Comsys Channel, a listing on the +teams and +roster commands, and access to a team headquarters or team builder character.

Anyone wishing to make their own team must submit a team application before the team will be created and team benefits granted. The starting roster must have at least three people in it.

The application should be @mailed to *Staff and include the following information:

1: Team Name
2: Initial Team Roster (Must have at least three members)
3: Team Purpose/Mission
4: Brief team history (if pre-existing) or plans to form (if new)
5: Headquarters Location
6: Available Team Resources
7: Requirements for Future Membership

Please note that the application will be considered to have been submitted by the OOC Team Leader/Contact. Once the team has been granted IC status/recognition, the OOC Contact will be able to set the IC Leader via the in-game commands. Teams News Files