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Everything to know about space and the cosmic grid Space - the final frontier. Within the game world of Alternate Identities MUX, outer space truly is the final frontier, as there has been no exploration or contact beyond the Earth's solar system. Much as in the real world, space exploration within AI MUX has only begun to scratch the surface of what may be 'out there', and while humans have landed on the moon and have sent rovers to Mars there have been no known interactions with any alien races or intelligences. Stories such as Roswell and Area 51 remain urban myths with no real grounding in fact. As far as the citizens of the world know, aliens do not exist and humanity is alone in the universe (anomaly incursions excepted, of course).

Accordingly, players may not apply for aliens or concepts which include aliens, alien technology or similar mechanics. While players can, for example, refer to 'mysterious artifacts of unknown origin' that may or may not have come from somewhere other than Earth, those objects cannot explicitly be alien in origin, and the true nature of the objects must remain unknown and unconfirmed.

While the administration may introduce a space grid at a future point, the game will not contain a cosmic grid at start. Canon News Files