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Based in New York, watching over America and her people Formed in 2012 after Beacon became aligned with the United Nations, the goal and mission of Sentry has always been to stand guard over the American homefront. Enjoying a level of stature and celebrity only slightly less than that of Beacon itself, the members of Sentry have proven themselves time and again to the American people, and operate from within the heart of New York City.

The founding roster of Sentry is set as detailed in Timeline, and Starting Rosters. Similar to the team Beacon, Sentry's roster is set in stone, from beginning to now. Unlike Beacon, membership within Sentry can be gained through role-play and approval from the team leader of Sentry.

Sentry is open to all nationalities and races, though it is designed to protect American soil.

Sentry's base of operations is located in the heart of Manhattan, a rising tower dedicated to the sciences, the arts, and the people of the United States. The first few floors are open to the public and contain several restaurants, coffee shops, museums dedicated to the super heroes past and present, as well as a press conference hall, and tourist / gift shops. Canon News Files