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How we deal with the different power levels Long-time numbers crunchers know that the power scales between Marvel and DC comics are widely disparate - while Marvel has attempted to quantify strength levels using the 'Class' system (i.e., Class 50 strength is in the neighborhood of 50 tons), DC has quoted its top-tier characters as able to pull off feats akin to lifting entire planets.

Needless to say, this gap needs to be bridged in order to make the game fun and cohesive for everyone. Fortunately, as Alternate Identities takes place in a world that is neither Marvel nor DC, we have an opportunity to even things out organically and without any mess.

Accordingly, regardless of whether a character is Original or Copyright (or regardless of which publishing company the copyright character may originate from) all characters will align with a power standard that places the top-most heroes and villains at a level in excess of 100 tons. This power level is exemplified by such characters as Superman, Thor, The Hulk, Wonder Woman, Stalwart, Majestic and Captain Meteor.

When describing powers and abilities (even those beyond raw strength) it is advisable to use examples to help demonstrate limits, but remember that even the most powerful of individuals will always be classified within this 'beyond 100 tons' bracket, and exponentially higher limits should not be used. Theme News Files