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Restricted concepts that are difficult to get. The following concepts will be extremely difficult to get. While we will not be banning them outright, we expect players who apply for these restricted powers and concepts to have a lot of information and detail put into their applications.

1: Magic Based Characters:

Whether it is the mystical arts, Voodoo, spells, sorcery, to the use of magical items, anyone wishing to use magic in their concept will need to be very detailed.

2: Furries/Anthropomorphism:

Whether you can change into a furry creature (cat, dog, bird, etc) or somehow are such an anthropomorphic creation, we are going to be very restrictive in granting these kinds of concepts. At the current moment they are banned, for we already have one such concept on the grid.

3: Telepathy & Telekinesis Together:

While we do not ban these outright, we are going to be very picky about a concept having this powerset.

4: Super Speed:

While super speed isn't an issue, having a speed that goes beyond lightspeed and into the realm of time travel (comic book physics wise at least) will not be approved.

5: Super Healing Factor:

Having the ability to grow back limbs is most likely not going to be allowed, unless a very clever application is given. Being able to heal quick? That's more apt to be approved.

6: Parodies:

While we understand that there can sometimes be a fine line between paying homage to a genre and making fun of it, we do not want character concepts that are designed as super-hero parodies or who are blatantly tongue-in-cheek. Please be certain that your characters are well-constructed, three-dimensional beings that do not exist solely as gags, mockeries or spoofs. If you are concerned that your character may fall into this category, it is probably best to err on the side of caution.

7: Extremely Wealthy:

We will be very strict with applications that contain excessive amounts of personal wealth and resources. While we are not banning this, we do expect players to have a good reason for their millions (or billions), and an over-all, well balanced character to go with them.

8: Child Prodigies:

We get it, you want your character to have been gifted from birth, they're the heroes (or villains) of the world. It's a popular concept and we're not going to ban it, however we are going to ask that the concept is well written. You will need to make sure that the concept makes sense and it isn't just another 'super genius kid'. Please make sure the concept has a good backstory and plenty of character development.

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