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Character advancement through course of IC. This news file is designed for those wishing to give their character extra abilities, powers, or strengths at some point after getting approved and going In Character. We will allow power ups, however we ask that players only apply for powerups once every month, and no sooner than one month after the character has been approved for role-play. While at this time we do not have a limit on the total number of times one may apply for powerups, please keep in mind that the frequency and the potency of powerup requests will play a factor in their likelihood of being approved.

To request a powerup, +request the following application.

1: Include the powers, stunts, or skills are you increasing. (Be detailed, as this needs to be written exactly as we might see it on a +power, +skill, +etc trait.)
2: Please state how the powerup will be achieved.
3: If the power is a result of online role-play, please provide links to logs demonstrating that you have appropriately role-played this development of your character.

Roleplay News Files