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General information regarding current US Politics. The USA is led by President David Wellstone formerly a long-term Democratic Senator from Minnesota. Though he has long identified as a progressive, Wellstone has managed to bring together what under President Obama had become a divided and contentious Washington and his practical yet empathetic response to the arrival of Anomaly Incursions has rallied the people of the United States behind him, regardless of political affiliation. Wellstone was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2000 and often uses a cane for walking assistance, though otherwise manages the disease well.

Wellstone's Vice-President is Kyle Takai, former US Congressman from Hawaii. The Wellstone-Takai ticket was a historic one, as it marked the first time that an Asian Pacific American has been selected on a major party ticket, and also the first time an Asian Pacific American has been elected as Vice President.

The US Senate is currently comprised of a 50-50 split, and the House of Representatives has held a Republican majority since 2012. Between this and the Democratic White House, much compromise has been needed to enact new legislation. However, both Obama and now Wellstone have been largely able to promote what are considered progressive agendas, which have included a comprehensive health care bill, provisions for gender identity and sexual preference equality, and has culminated with the recent STRAYS act that was drafted in part by Senator Roth. World News Files