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Don't do it, you will get caught! While we would hope that this would be common sense, we feel it bears stating that we will not accept plagiarized material as part of applications for characters on our game. Any applications that are found to have been created using plagiarized material will be rejected, and the applicant in question will not be able to apply for that character again. If the character has been granted prior to the discovery of the plagiarism, that character will be stripped from the player, and the player will be unable to re-apply for the character in question.

Similarly, do not use material that you find here, either from another character's profile, wiki-page, or from our news files, elsewhere or for your own benefit. If we learn that this has happened, disciplinary action will be taken which could result in your removal from the game.

We view plagiarism very seriously, as not only is this a theft of another person's hard work, but in the case of an application's plagiarized material, also does not accurately portray a players knowledge or understanding of the character in question, or provide an accurate view of that player's interpretation of that character. Please have the courtesy and respect to write your own material. Thank you. Applications News Files