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Information on the flavor and feel of the game as a whole. The world that Alternate Identities takes place in is one that harkens to the feel and flavor of Golden and Silver age comics. We enjoy a more four-color aesthetic where it's easy to tell the heroes from the villains (most of the time), and where allegories stand in for the tough societal issues of the day.

While many comics and stories these days may like to focus on realism - delving deep into 'real-world' analysis of the impact of super-heroes in a modern day setting, we are not those types of writers. We prefer to tell stories in a superheroic setting partially as a means of escapism - and, truthfully, the news headlines are already disturbing enough on a daily basis to then have to deal with dark, gritty, or dystopian themes on our game.

When crafting your characters - either original or copyright - please keep this in mind. While the reality of Alternate Identities is far from 'innocent', it is also not one in which the government is broken and/or institutionally corrupt, where superbeings are persecuted or their civil liberties infringed upon, or where the lines of morality are so blurred and distorted as to make them nearly non-existent. Ours is a world where heroes can truly be called heroic and where civilization strives to live up to the best of humanity, rather than being dragged down by the worst. World News Files