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The begin all and end all of the theme. START HERE Alternate Identities is a superhero themed MUX that allows players to inhabit the roles of characters of their own creation, set within a richly detailed and completely original game world.

Dispensing with the convoluted histories, disparate characterizations and crowded rosters of published intellectual properties, the administrations at Alternate Identities have built a brand new super-hero themed universe from the ground up. While the world of AIM reflects our own modern society in many ways, it has its own unique history, superheroes and supervillains that set it apart. All characters will have grown up within this base world, with the opportunity to act as the premier heroes and villains of the land.

Accordingly, player characters will also enjoy the status and notoriety that comes with having been active adventurers in this world, and will be able to possess varying levels of resources, contacts and technology that is consistent with their character concepts. Players applying for characters are encouraged to develop those characters as integral components to the game world, fitting in with the timeline and information available within the rest of the 'News Theme' files and on our wiki pages. Regardless of individual stature, fame or experience, however, characters must have their origins based directly within the established game world and history.

Approximately eighteen months prior to IC Launch, the base game world of AI MUX began to experience random phenomena that radically altered the fabric of reality on a very localized scale. These isolated phenomena would, in some cases, superimpose history and geography from parallel worlds, over-writing sections of the known world with fragments of these other realities. These occurrences became known as 'timestorms' or 'anomaly incursions', and gave glimpses into dimensions where history unfolded in alternate paths - sometimes minor, and sometimes drastically different.

A world in which JFK had not been assassinated, or a world in which the Americans never won the Revolutionary War, are but a couple examples of what might appear from the anomaly incursions. Sometimes the anomaly incursions were fleeting, and left no traces of their existence after they had gone. In other cases, physical remnants were left, such as buildings that had been bombed in an ongoing World War III, or strange cars from a dimension in which 'steampunk' mechanics ruled the day. For the most part, however, the anomaly incursions were fleeting, and when a permanent change was made, it only concerned inert matter - never living things.

That all changed nearly a year prior to IC Launch - when people from other dimensions started to arrive. Some were just normal, average people but others had fantastic powers and abilities, not unlike the heroes and villains of 'home'. Some spoke languages that had never been heard before, while others knew secrets and facts about people who had never met them. Adding a completely new dimension to the already world-disrupting effects of the Anomaly Incursions, these so-called 'strays' sometimes left when the Anomaly Incursions vanished, but just as often stayed behind. Those unfortunate enough to remain did so without any legal identity, resources or personal property. Even if they thought they recognized the world around them, they were effectively strangers in a strange land, and society had to act fast to accommodate them. Theme News Files